Using the Markdown files for new projects

When I add projects (Assignments) to a team and create the file, how do I get the Instructions to appear on the right under its own tab so the students can view the Instructions while working on the python file?

Hm , mine happens automatically. Try renaming it

I wonder this happens to specific languages. I use C projects, and the same thing happens to me when anyone opens the repl, only Console and Shell tabs are shown. The workaround is, click on the .md file then click on the source file (in my case main.c), the Markdown tab stays and now students are able to see all three tabs.

(I am using Teams for Education)
This is a user settings… In class, show the students to do this.

First click on the .md file. Then in the same screen as the Console, click the “Markdown” tab. Now it will continue to display the instructions, so students can now navigate to the code file and view both side by side.

So, it was my first time composing my own “projects” for the students. I wasn’t sure what they would see. There was no problem viewing the markdown file, we figured out they can work on code and read the instructions under that tab.
I didn’t realize they could see the markdown tab … yesterday was a learning curve for my grade 12 class and myself!

Hi all,

Next week we will start rolling out our new Lesson feature. This will allow you to author rich side-by-side lesson content using markdown.

In the file tree, you will see a section for teachers to author their lesson (not visible to students):

Students will only see a dedicated view-only “Instructions” tab:


This is an excellent new addition. However all my existing projects got affected, they now show the default instructions template (student emailed me that instructions were gone). Is there a way to quick fix this? I have too many projects to manually do it.

The old instructions are still there, but the default thing they see is the new instructions tab, and they have to click the file they see and then they see the old Markdown tab.

Another problem is some of my projects that did not have any instructions file, now have this default template and show up on students’ projects as well.

Hi @patilsandeep this is great feedback! If you already have files, you can simply drag and drop them into the curriculum section of your file tree. We’ve also made adjustments so that any projects without instructions files will not show the instructions tab by default.

@cluce68 @jblumberg @lombardim once you get a chance to try this new tool out, please let us know what you think!

What would be truly fantastic is a select-able >_ Instructions item in the New Tab Tools, like what is available in a New Tab when you close your console tab.

Hi @jnorth welcome to the community!

This sounds like a good idea. Could you please share feedback with the Replit team by clicking on the ? icon on the Replit site?