Using the Ai function and copying code to paste into the main window on an iPad

Hello, i am enjoying using replit as my first foray into coding. I use the Ai function frequently but i cant seem to paste from the AI function to the main window on an iPad - it simply wont let me paste anything. Can you pls let me know how i can paste the code from the AI function.

Hi @raheel3 , welcome to the forums!
Are you referring to AI Autocomplete or AI chat?

Hello - I am essentially using the AI chat function to develop the code on an iPad and I want to paste the code into the main tab and use it

There should be an Insert code to editor button on the code snippet that the AI chat gives you.


Thanks Fairies of east - when I press on that part nothing happens

Once you click Insert, switch back to the file to see if the code is inserted.
Or, click Copy in the chat, then press the clipboard :clipboard: button above the keyboard, which will open up a list of items you copied. Then, click the :arrow_heading_up: button to insert the code at the cursor.

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