Using SeleniumServerError

Are there any fix for the error connecting to the server?

Replit Profile:

this is the problem: There was an error connecting to the server


Open this link and check if you can visit this URL from your browser:

If you see a browser error, it’s possible that your ISP have security settings blocking the URL. Please contact your ISP and ask them to unblock the URL above. (Contacted my isp and they said that it is not them)

Hello @Godplayer-spec!

Try running kill 1 in the shell. Also make sure your Repl is running.

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The only thing it does is turn the output screen black and that’s it

Also thanks for replying again

It should be connected to the server now, so if you run it, it should give you the output.

sadly it’s not I will go and attempt again

AH IT WORKS, I use the neofetch command + clearing cache + using kill 1 about 10 times it works thanks again for your time!

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