Using for hosting node.js server for class?

I’m going to be teaching a course in web development in the fall, covering both front and back end. My plan is to teach the backend using node.js, with an as-yet-unspecified database. I’ve signed up for Teams for Education, and it looks like this will work perfectly — I was able to set up a node.js site, install packages using npm from a shell, etc.

Are there any “gotchas” that I need to look out for? Or is this really the panacea that it appears to be? [Also, hints about databases would be appreciated as well.]

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You can use the built in database (but is really suited for smaller use cases) or - as these are Nix based, you could create your own template the combined node.js with mySQL. You could even just import the mySQL package with the package manager on the left-hand toolbar.

Let us know what you build!

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