Using replit as white-labeled sandbox

Hi - i’m wanting to use replit as a code sandbox for my app. Eg: allowing my users to write and test code as part of my app. But looking at the API i’m thinking that Replit may not be the right fit… b/c the API seems mis-matched to this purpose.

Any suggestions? Is Replit the right fit? Or is the purpose more for an individual to write and share code?


Hello @benjaminrigby! Replit can be used as both a sharing platform and a deploying platform. Replit Autoscale deployments will fall asleep when there are no requests, so if you want an always-on web app, try DigitalOcean. Replit Reserved VM deployments, on the other hand are always on, but they are only for backend. Both deployment types cost money, Autoscale charges based on how much you use, and Reserved VMs $7/mo.

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Thanks - yea, i saw those options for deploying / scaling.
What i’m wondering is: is there a way to push code to a REPL and then deploy via API (eg: via my app) on behalf of users (eg: multi-tenant).

When I read the API docs, they talk about using the API to develop an extension. But I don’t want an extension per-se. I want to white-label Replit within my app more or less.