Using for teams for pair programming "at the blackboard"

Hello, I’ve discovered the Teams for Education feature a couple months back, and since that time I’m using it for my classes to teach Python.

I gradually understood the (not so obvious) philosophy of Teams, i.e.: Each project is a template, so when students start to work on them, they fork it for themselves. In general, the original project (complete with markdown notes) shouldn’t be modified = completed, as it typically serves as a template for copying it to the next school year or to another team.

Ok, so far so good. But what should I do, if I - during the time each student is working on their own assignment - prefer to work on the code at the blackboard (i.e. on a large TV screen in front of the class) as well , to show some tricky details in the code. For the above reason I chose not to modify the teachers code, but instead of create a “demo” team member, and to working on code of this demo account at the blackboard. This is somewhat cumbersome, but ok, I can live with it.

BUT: I can’t invite students to this repl to do some pair programming at the blackboard. The invitation should be temporary, in the same manner as calling a particular student to physically came to the teacher desk and write some code, then calling other, and so one.
This is an issue for my style of teaching.
Well, I can copy the project code to a public repl, for sure, then invite all students and collaborate. I did this once, however:

  1. it should be quite laborious to do it for each class
  2. if all students are free to edit the code, then there will be always some jokers, deleting code, or adding “interesting” messages to parts of code being currently scrolled away, etc… optimal would be to have just ONE student chosen for collaborative coding at the blackboard.

Now my question is quite obvious: Is it technically possible to temporarily and selectively invite students to work on some others (ideally the teacher’s) repl?

Thank you for all helpful answers in advance.

Yes, I agree. We need such a feature. Not only for the main Python py file but also for the Python Jupyrer notebook. At least, there should be a feature where you can fork the teachers’ code and make the adjustments and re-save it as a different file, similar to Kaggle.

@LadislavSeredi you can invite users to your Repl, then remove them from the Repl. Click on the Invite button at the top right, you can type the user’s username and invite them. When your done click the invite button again and click the x next to their username. OR you could send them a private link. Click the invite button then turn on the Private Link. It should give you a link to copy and send the link to the student.

@LadislavSeredi if you want this to be an already implemented feature and not tedious work. Change the tag for the post to be Feature Requests. Click the pencil at the top of the post next to the title. There you should be able to change the tag. People then can Request for it by click a button at the top.

In Teams for Education repls I can see no Invite button similar to the one in the „ordinary“ repls.

I would be happy to change the tag to Feature Requests, however I see no obvious way to edit my post.

@LadislavSeredi there is a pencil at the top of your post next to your title, click on that and you can change it.

This could be achieved using Replit’s API. Maybe make a bounty for it?

I feel a bit stupid, but I can’t see the pencil icon net to my post title… Anyway I can create a new feature request.
The pencil icon appears only by my last posts, looks like it disappears after some time…?

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The pencil icon shows your edits to a post. It only shows edits made after 5 minutes of posting. If you would like to create a new topic, you may navigate to the homepage and click the button with + New Topic on it.

Thanks for the clarification.

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