Using Motion Canvas

There’s a really cool library called motion canvas for typescript. It features a locally hosted webpage using vite. While I’ve been able to use vite before on replit, I can’t seem to figure out how to use motion canvas. The server opens on a certain localhost port, but the web view doesn’t show anything. Help?

What IP and Port is it hosting on? If it’s hosting on the wrong one(s) that could be why.

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By default it’s hosted on port 9000. Being somewhat of a beginner, I cannot find the hosting IP.

It should tell you (I think) port and IP in the console upon being run, also, please share a link to the repl.

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It didn’t tell me the IP adress, but the vite config in a default vite repl had a line telling it to host on I copied this and it suddenly worked.

Sorry for wasting your time. Hope this is helpful for anyone else who finds this.

That’s fine, this wasn’t a time waste at all, it’s just the little things sometimes that prevent things from working, in this case, the repl must be hosted on (localhost) so replit knows it’s there.

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