Using Git to push replit code to gitHub

When I press the Git button I only see it initializing in the spinning circle with no change as if it is stuck. It only says “Initializing Git” I have tried opening in another browser, disconnecting and reconnecting github, and refreshing the page. Nothing seems to work so far and I am working on a PC laptop.

Hi @ujumotanya , welcome to the forums!
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Creating a GitHub repository and pushing changes to it from Replit involves several steps. Here’s a descriptive guide:

  1. Create a GitHub Repository:

    • Go to GitHub and log in to your account.
    • Click the ‘+’ icon in the top right corner and select “New repository.”
    • Fill in the repository name, description, and other settings.
    • Choose whether to make the repository public or private.
    • Click the “Create repository” button.
  2. Set Up Git in Replit:

    • Open your Replit project where you want to push the code to GitHub.
    • If you haven’t already, initialize a Git repository in your Replit project by opening the terminal and running:
      git init
  3. Add and Commit Your Changes:

    • Add the files you want to commit to the staging area using:
      git add .
      or specify individual files by replacing . with the file names.
    • Commit your changes with a message:
      git commit -m "Initial commit"
  4. Link the GitHub Repository:

    • On your GitHub repository page, you’ll see a section labeled “…or push an existing repository from the command line.” Copy the provided URL.
  5. Push Your Code to GitHub:

    • In your Replit terminal, use the git remote add command to link your Replit project to the GitHub repository. Replace <GitHub_Repo_URL> with the URL you copied:
      git remote add origin <GitHub_Repo_URL>
    • Push your code to GitHub using:
      git push -u origin master
      If you are working with a different branch, replace “master” with the branch name.

Your code will be pushed to the GitHub repository, and you’ll be able to see the files in the repository. Make sure you have the appropriate permissions to push to the repository on GitHub.

Hope this helps!

@ujumotanya Hi and welcome!

I was having some recent issues myself pushing changes to GitHub and our internal team corrected some of those hangups today. Please test again when you have a moment.

If the issue persists, the troubleshooting advice in the previous post is excellent as well.

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Thank you for the tips I tried what was suggested and the initializing git is not stuck anymore but I am still having issues getting my code into Github. I have created repositories in Github and also reconnected the 2 accounts.

This is what I have done so far.

Hi @ujumotanya !
What is the default branch of your repo?

The default branch in github is main

Hi @ujumotany!
Change the command from git push -u origin master to git push -u origin main and try again.

It worked! Thank you

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