Using geckodriver + Firefox for Selenium Webscraping?

I’ve been trying to use Selenium to help automate the Google login process for a while now. After trying different things, I saw online that using Firefox instead of Chrome apparently is better at avoiding Google’s bot detection. In order to do so, I need to know where the default profile is stored in Replit’s version of Firefox so I can properly set up the Firefox webdriver. And that brings me to this question: Does anyone know how to do this? Adversely, does anyone know any better ways to do this? I’ve already tried Undetected Chromedriver and Selenium Stealth to no avail.

Maybe it uses the same as the firefox like ~/.mozilla/firefox/. You can use commands like ls ~/.mozilla/firefox/ in shell to list the profiles.

Did you try using Puppeteer? It’s less intrusive than Selenium and it might work better