Using a frontend to edit Replit Secrets

Is it possible to use a frontend (prefferably HTML using Flask) to edit the Secrets on a Repl? I would like for users to be able to create their own.

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Hmm, this may require fetch request or so

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Can you do a fetch request or solve my other topic? They are for the same project.

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only way would be to use goval wrappers like crosis (or just pure goval but crosis is already confusing so … yeah don’t do goval)

Secrets specifically or just environment variables. The latter should be possible, and quite easy. (It can be done with any code, that can be linked to any site). Edit: I mean permanently, other than permanently you can probably use os.environ to set them.

Yes os.environ would be fine. I’m just trying to find an unhackable way to store user secrets.

I think you can add secrets/environment variables through terminal using
export MY_VAR=myvalue

You can try that but it won’t be persistent.

Use a database. Replit db is supposedly private, as long as you do not share the url.

Link here:

If you put that answer here I’ll probably mark it as solved. I guess that means that @Firepup650 wasted his time encrypting stuff for me.

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sure thing! it’s already solved thoug h :slight_smile: