Users having re-registered after joining a EDU team

Hello everyone,

I am a teacher at IIS G.Vallauri, an IT School in Fossano, Italy.

I am writing because we use extensively your tool for education.

Recently with the start of the new year, I created the teams and let the users join by link as usual.


Thing is I have some users that by joining, had their account reset and now have a different username

An example of this is the user @EmanuelePiola that now is @epiola2730

All students logged in using google authentication with credentials provided by the school.

Can anybody help on this matter and merge back the accounts?

Org Name: I.I.S. G. Vallauri - Fossano
Team Slug: 4b-sistemi-e-reti-2324

Other useful info

The accounts appear as 2 distinct accounts

While it’s possible to change the details of the account @epiola2730 (it is connected with the school google) the other account has a lock in the UI and the user can only login via username (I can reset its password though)


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While I am surprised by the absence of the ReplIT support team. I leave here the cause of the problem.

It appears that the Google Class integration creates users without an email, while sharing a team link forces a user to signup. This is the reason of the duplicate accounts.

To access the old account, if you put the Username (here “EmanuelePiola”) with the user pass, it logs correctly in.

I still need help from ReplIT team in regards the merge of the 2 accounts.

Can anybody help?

We’re sorry that your students ended up with multiple accounts! The best way to resolve is to delete the unwanted account.

You can submit a support ticket (not an ask forum post) with the accounts to remove if there are a large number.

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