Users account not showing

Some users account are not showing up, like the replit account. This is definitly linked with the replit account not showing up

Can you please elaborate on what you are experiencing? The Replit account does not show up but you already made another topic about that

I am not currently expiriencing it. Some accounts which are created are not showing up. It is like if they we’re not created. For example the replit account, the username is registered, but the account doesn’t show up. People on the #bugs discord channel are saying they are also expiriencing this with their accounts. Now the important thing is that when you go to the sign up page and you try to sign up the replit username is tells you that it is available, but when you click on sign up it tells you you need something more unique. But the question is can we register other people usernames that are expiriencing this?

Ok. If somebody did not report the bug through replit yet, please report it yourself.

reporing it currently now