Username not updating :(

I am currently trying to change my username. Whenever I change my username however, it does not update even though I have never changed my username before>

Are you trying to change your username on Replit or Ask? Also are you trying to change the @mention or the name? In the images I’ve provided, the “Username” is your @mention (the thing you do to ping an account) and the “name” is just your display name.


Im trying to change the @mention on replit

Can you change your username on ask? :thinking:


Yes by changing your username mainsite than logging out and back into ask


Ah I see thank you.
It worked, I hadn’t tried logging out and back in yet.


Pls help I still cannot update my username :frowning:

Try then enter the new desired username
but you only get 1 change.

I tried that and have never changed my username before. However, it never works :frowning:

Maybe someone is already using the name you’re trying to change to?

No, if it did, it would say so

Bruh there goes my username :frowning:

Wait now it works

thanks for all the help :smiley:

What’d you do to get it to work?

Haha nice. I’m glad to hear you figured it out!

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