Use only emojis

The prompt today is quite tricky I think!

I found a CSV file of all emojis online and used this to create an object oriented python quiz.


@IanAtReplit Is not supposed to be just for asking for help? I don’t think it should be dragged away from that by attempting to involve non-relevant community discussions here. What do you think?

I plan to make it a translated like the example.

No it’s for more than just getting and giving help. The previous url ( Is Link Changed?) gives a better idea on what the forum can be used for. There has been so much stuff here other than help. My weekly polls, ideas for the forum, and a lot more stuff to do with the forums.

This is an educator based community and if one is having educators event i.e. Replit Create to motivate Creativity of users and teachers alike I am comfortable having a discussion on this topics.

Also this Posts are further narrowed down by tag Replit-creates so anyone who wants to know about that particular things can follow the tag just for updates or for help.

Keeping up with colleague is always good to lend a hand or to get help for ownself.


Nice project there @IanAtReplit very creative idea.

One suggestion when I answer wrong it shows correct answer but move to next very quickly Can you increase the view time so the user can see properly the correct answer :stuck_out_tongue: :sweat_smile:

Thanks @fury-05 I’ll up the delay to 1.5 seconds! :smiley:

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Hi @CodingCactus thanks for your message. The community here is more than just asking for help, it’s also about sharing projects and ideas and helping others grow as programmers.

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Interesting @IanAtReplit, maybe the name should be altered to reflect this?

Hey there @fury-05, as of recently, this forum has been widened to the entirety of the Replit community who wants help.

Hi all, jumping in here to provide some more context! The focus of this forum is to allow users to ask for help. The Teachers Lounge is a space for teachers to chat, get help, and share resources.

I hear your feedback that maybe posts unrelated to asking questions are distracting from the initial goal, but I appreciate that @IanAtReplit is providing a space where ppl can ask for help or feedback with their Replit Creates projects.


Really cool program. 100 questions is a bit too much though. Maybe ask the user how many questions they want?

For this challenge, I decided to go with a spin on a classic puzzle. I made cryptograms emojigrams for members of the Replit community. @DillonB07/Replit-Creates-4-Emojigram. Each puzzle is randomly generated with a different level of difficulty.


Thanks for checking it out. Fair point re the 100 questions. I’ll maybe revisit that in the future and give users some options.

Loved your emojigram idea and immediately saw the link to our Replit community so kudos for that too! I like that when you get an answer wrong it shows you different letters the next time so offers scaffolded support. Well done!

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