Use interpret in console python

Hello, I am a high school teacher.
With my students I use Replit with Python.
In the console, I have a program where I have RUN and another program where I have interpret…
For my students, I would still like to have interpret in the console but I don’t know which parameter to change…
With all my thanks,
Eric Bilinski

Hi @ergibil , welcome to the forums!
I don’t think the difference matters, may I ask why you want it to be Interpret?

I believe the OP wants their students to be able to use the Python interpreter in the console after their program has executed (how the Python Repl used to work). I thought there was a template for this but I can’t remember what it would be called…

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Ah, then that would be the Python with Prybar template, where you can interact with the program using the Console.


Yep, that’s the one, I couldn’t find it when I searched using the regular ‘create new repl’ button in the sidebar on the left. It just doesn’t come up…

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A big thank-you!
That’s exactly it!
I suspect that for programming professionals this may seem useless, but for teaching young students it makes programming easier to understand.
To use python-with-Prybar in an already written program, is it possible?
For a student who has just created his account, how should he access python-with-prybar? By pasting into the taskbar? Or is there a better and simpler way to do this? In fact, I don’t know how to add the Template to an existing program… Thank you again for your very useful feedback for me!


Hi there, you can get your student to go to the link, and fork the template by clicking the Use template button.
Alternatively, you can use this template link ehen creating a new repl:

Very sincerely, I would like to thank you all for your very valuable responses! I find replit very practical and user-friendly to avoid installing a program on Windows or Mac and to have a common approach for all my students. Have a great day!


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