Usage of GraphQL queries from inside a Public Repl

Someone from Replit Staff had previously posted here that using Replit’s GraphQL API to make queries (not mutations) is allowed. I also read here that some users got banned for sharing these queries that they had discovered.

However, could I be banned for creating a public (so people can comment on it) Repl which contains code on the backend to query the GraphQL API and send a processed result to the frontend? I assume this is allowed, as the popular Bounty Board Repl basically does this. Ray also left a positive comment on this Repl, implying he doesn’t have a problem with it.

My question is essentially this: Does including queries “hidden” inside the code of a public Repl count as “sharing” the queries? Going back to the Bounty Board, the creator is not publicly sharing the query, but it’s not hard to take a peek at the code…

Background Info

The project I’m trying to make is a simple utility for Bounty Hunters/Posters to lookup the stats of themselves and other hunters. All it is is simpler access to the info (and some more) in the dialog that shows up when you click a hunter’s rating. As far as I know, it doesn’t violate the TOS and queries will not be spammed. I’m just trying to make life easier for hunters. (And maybe hopefully get some tips :shushing_face:)

Thanks in advance for all your help!

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Does this help: Some feature reqs - #17 by MattDESTROYER?

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It does, thanks! I probably should have done more searching before posting :sweat_smile:


The person to speak to about this is RayhanADev. Just @ mention them in a private message and you can get some more definite answers.


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