Usage instructions: In "Authentication" I cannot see "Import Node Package"

Problem description:
I have a repl I created via a Next.js template, so it runs in Node.js. I would like to import a node package instead of using a <script> tag. When I click “authenticate” on the left pane, it opens up a tab with usage instructions, but the usage instructions only contain the section labeled “Import HTML package”, not the section labeled “Import Node package”. I can see from a screenshot in the docs that there’s supposed to be a “Import Node Package” section, but unfortunately the screenshot cuts off and I can’t actually see the content I need.

Expected behavior:

“Import Node Package” is displayed.

Actual behavior:

“Import HTML Package” is displayed.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a repl with the Next.js template.
  2. Click “Tools > Authentication” on the left.
  3. Despair, for the instructions you desire are forever out of reach.

Ah, I now see that I will still need the <script> tag no matter what. Still, I do think it’s a bug that the information about importing the repl-auth package is not displayed in this context.

I’m seeing it show up now and there’s no problem anymore. Maybe I was just being blind and my eyes were passing it by?

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