Usage Credits for the New Billing System

I saw that the new billing system not based on cycles was rolled out about yesterday. I read the docs and converted some of my cycles to usage credits. Where can I then see or use these usage credits?


Hi @OnlyAHuman !
These credits are for use in Reserved VMs.

Your credits will automatically apply on your next usage-based invoice over $0.

As an aside, if you want to see a record of how many cycles you’ve converted so far, you can go to this Cycles page here and go to the Transactions tab:


@SuzyAtReplit Are credits used towards plans too? If not, how can I use my cycles to money off my plan?

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I don’t have a credit card. Is it possible to use these usage credits before registering for a credit card?

(Edit: Can we use the credits for things other than Reserved VM deployments? )

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@RedCoder So you can still do that by following the process that Kimerlin linked below. Due to system limitations, it’s currently a different process (i.e., contacting Support) because we have to some manual tweaks to make sure you get a plan applied for your credits.

If you want to convert your credits to be used for usage billing, then you can self-service that which Kimerlin also mentions in that thread.

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You can test it, but I’m fairly sure you need a credit card on file to create a deployment (or subscribe to Core) in the first place. Even if your card isn’t charged and it’s all taken out of credits, it needs to be on file. I realize it’s not a happy answer for folks that don’t have a credit card (and that has been a pain point in the past), but I hope the information helps.
The usage credits will be put towards any cloud services like Reserved VM Deployments, Storage, Outbound Data Transfer, and Autoscale Deployments. Let me know if there’s another question here I missed.

Hello @SuzyAtReplit ,
I have transferred some Cycles to usage credits and i can see the transfers in Cycles transaction but where can I see how much Usage Credits I have ? and how can I see the Usage used to pay for my Reserved VMs ?

I think Cycles were quite nice and if we have now Usage Credits instead of Cycles it feels like the same thing but with new pages to develop to show them :slight_smile:

Replit devs like to develop new features even redevelop old features with a new name

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I also have same Questions

Good questions.
Edit: The invoices should show that the credits are being applied.. I was corrected that this is not the case. Invoices just show the amount charged.
We don’t have a good way right now see how many total usage credits you have (i.e., the current balance), but team is looking to build something out soon for that purpose.

Got it. Frustrating not knowing how many credits we have, but happy the team is working on it. Thank you!

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Thanks for your solution. I might go find another platform or wait until I get a credit card or Replit removes the limit.

The option to see our usage credits has been implemented :


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