URL Issues in HTML Repls? Just me?

Was making some new HTML repls yesterday and none of them work outside of the coding environment. Even blank ones. After lots of testing I think I’ve found the issue but not sure if I’m right.

I think HTML Repls are giving the wrong external URL for the site.

https://THM.mrbrash_student.repl.co {doesn’t work}
https://THM–mrbrash_student.repl.co {works!}

I’ve reported a bug but was curious if anyone else was having this issue as well?

UPDATE - Replit support has fixed the issue.

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I am getting the same result as you based on the 2 links you sent. But for the working one I get this error:

And I am not getting this error. Both of these work:

The name of the first one is test.test and the second is test_test.

Haha, sorry that wasn’t an error, that was my message to my students when I was demonstrating the issue. Replit support has fixed it now.

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Great that it is resolved. Thanks for reporting!

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