URL in shell can't be opened in browser

Problem description:
On the Android app, tapping on a link in the shell doesn’t open the browser and holding doesn’t highlight so i can copy.

Expected behavior:
Tap on link > open browser
Holding on shell text > highlight > copy

Actual behavior:
A warning about the link appeared, but when i clicked “ok” nothing happened.

Steps to reproduce:
I created the repl from the github repo smol-ai/developer. It uses modal to run python in the cloud. Before running main.py I have to use modal token new. Then a url appears, I click it, a new browser window opens, modal creates a token, I close that browser window, return to the shell, and use modal.
That worked many times on chrome/windows laptop.
Trying it on chrome/Android, it’s not working. The warning about the link appears, but it won’t open the browser.
And I can’t highlight the text to copy it and paste it into the browser.

Bug appears at this link:

Chrome, Android, Samsung galaxy s10+

Bonus bug
Also I had to write this in a notes app because the window wouldn’t scroll. When the mobile keyboard appears it covers the bottom half of this note.