URL Blacklisted Issue with React Project - Seeking Help and Guidance

Hi everyone!
I hope you can help me. It seems like the URL of my React project has been blacklisted. It only happens with my Iberairsoft project; the others are fine. I had to delete my previous project because the same thing happened. I’ve checked my code, and there’s nothing suspicious. I really don’t want to lose all my work again. I hope you can help me resolve this.

Hey @IsmaelBenavente, and welcome to Replit Ask!

Could you explain further on what you mean by the URL being blacklisted?


Yes. I am sharing with you a screenshot of the error thrown by my antivirus. It’s continually aborting the connection.

This might be because replit.dev is not yet being on the PSL [1] and so when one subdomain is taken down as suspicious, the entire domain is.

Unless you have a way to disable the blacklist, you most likely won’t be able to develop your site.

  1. Public Suffix List ↩︎


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