URL arg or account config option to keep JS from loading before Run?

One of my students wrote a function in script.js that contained recursion based on prompt input, but her recursive call was outside the condition - so it just kept prompting.

That meant she couldn’t ever edit her replit because as soon as it loaded we had the prompt pop-up, no escape built in.

FORTUNATELY she was using a Teams project so I was able to get in and disable the script.js source link before it auto-ran, and talk her through an HTML button rather than a function call in script.js. But my two questions are:

  • Can we configure JavaScript repls not to run script.js until clicking the Run button?
  • If we have a problem like this, is there a URL argument that might do that?



Hi @Bram good question!

This happens because the webview updates on loading the Replit. I’ve asked Replit support for advice and will update when I hear more.

Codepen was our student coding editor of choice before Replit, and it would load a “preview” befure pressing run. It had a “TURN OFF JS” option in the URL for that stage: https://blog.codepen.io/documentation/turn-off-javascript-in-previews/