Urgent Question about the on-going issue with repls

Hello! I have a concerning question about the repls being down. Once this issue on Replit is solved and fixed, will all repls be online again, or will we all have to manually activate each repl?

I would really like to know.


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Hitting the “Run” button somehow magically fixes the problem. Would’ve been really nice if I had known that yesterday.


@KaleKo5 I saw that while testing stuff, but my concern is that: Will I need to run every single repl that I want online again manually.

It would be a pain to do that.

Is it possible to activate all of your repls from the Status page?

Open up the page with all of your repls, there is a Status tab, and you can start and stop repls.

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Sadly it appears so, but yet again, when Deployments are required, you’ll have to deploy each of your projects that you want to keep online anyway. (Just think of this as like a practice round.)

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Wait, Deployments will be required? I always thought Deployments were basically a new version of that one thing called “Always on” or something.

Right now, I just click run on my project, and it is always on whenever people are trying to play my game(s).

I guess this will have to do. Thanks for the support though!

Yes, after Jan. 1st all repl.co links will be replit.dev, which only works in the workspace and when you close Replit will stop working. You won’t be able to wake it up outside of the workspace.


Well, kind of, but for websites, if you want to host them you now have to deploy them.

(The Always On feature is most similar to the “Reserved VM” Deployment. The other two are mostly for websites)

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So, if I were to move my game, Talk To Bobby, to a Deployment, what plan should I use?

Come to think of it, this is actually pretty disappointing. Any HTML Repl that I’m trying to look for in Community, for example, needs to be run by the owner for it to actually work (unless I fork it). Super disappointing, but as I’ve stated before, it’s kind of like a practice round for when the Deployments requirement is actually in place.

You’d use a static deployment for that.

@Firepup650 Okay, thanks for the info.

@boston2029 Yeah, in my opinion, all of this news is pretty disappointing. I kind of understand how Replit probably can’t pay for all these domains themselves, but still.

I also just checked the plan price, and to upgrade, it’s $120/yr or $20/month. That isn’t pocket money for me :eyes:

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No, they can definitely pay for the domains; it’s the hosting, actually keeping them active that is the problem.

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