Urgent Help with Deployments

Hello! I was going to deploy my game, “Talk To Bobby,” as a static deployment when I got so many errors for no reason.

I don’t know what I did wrong, I was just trying to follow the Replit instructions.

I used both commands, but the first command I used was: npm run build

Also, I am VERY new to deployments.

Your repl isn’t a node.js repl, so running npm/npx won’t do you anything. Simply leave the build command empty, and it should deploy just fine.

I got it working with the build blank, and created a folder named “dist” and put a copy of index.html in there. Only thing is, all the sources arent loading. (like images and sound)

I think you need to have everything in that dist folder.

Ohh that is much better. Thank you so much! Only thing is, I really hope that my school district doesn’t block replit.app.

Edit: they didn’t we are good.

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