Uptimerrobot and Better Stack issue help pls

So when I host a discord bot example https://replit.com/@JacobBlits/HosteeScriptz-1?v=1 like this on when I use uptimerrobot or Better Stack the discord bot commands don’t work and don’t show up any fix to this?

By the way I’m going to sleep sorry if I don’t respond

Hi @JacobBlits , welcome to the forums!
Unfortunately, pingers (like Uptimerobot) don’t work anymore on Replit.
If you wanted your bot to be always active, consider using Always On or Replit Deployments.
Note that Always On will stop the repl when it is inactive to save resources, but will turn it on when someone runs it.

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So there is no way to host it online 24/7 for free?

That will be Deployments, which is 24/7.
It will not stop.

They are paid correct?

Yes, they are, as with Always-On

Oh is there a free alternative?

No, but I believe another version of Deployments is being made, so that you only pay for what you use. I have no idea when that is going to come out, though.

Oh alr so no free hosting alternatives?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any free hosting on Replit.

No not on replit is there any in general?

No, not that I can see. Web hosting needs resources and a whole lotta stuff, so very few companies will give it out for free.

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@JacobBlits The post that you marked as a solution should’ve been this: Uptimerrobot and Better Stack issue help pls - #3 by NateDhaliwal

@JacobBlits It’s still the wrong one…
The reason why I wanted you to mark the correct post is not because I have OCD or anything; it is so that others, when they encounter the same issue, they know how to solve it. Please change the Solution to this one:

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Yes, uptime Robot doesn’t work, but that’s an exception, and has its own problems anyways. Most other pingers (AFAIK) still work.

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The plan is for there to be free static hosting with Deployments, but this feature has not yet been released.

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