Uploding a pic file

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Hey @AdamuMadu! What exactly do you need help with?


https://chat.openai.com/c/0789936b-2863-47b1-ac83-529d99219770 the link

Hi the to complete the project. Here is the link

Hey @AdamuMadu!

The link you posted is a chat from ChatGPT and can’t be accessed by other people.
What exactly do you need help with? If you want to add a picture and you are using HTML you cant follow this to add images: HTML Images. You can import images into your Repl by clicking the 3 dots next to Files on the left sidebar in your Repl, next click Upload File and you are good to go, then you can use the image tag to add it in

<img src="url-to-image" alt="alternate-text">

(Make sure to replace the src= url with your image url and alt= with the alternate text you want displayed if the image doesn’t load).

I hope this helps!