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**Question:**I’m trying to upload a project on replit. As you can see in the screen, you can see that there is the classic package.json file and there are files called package.json are into every subfolder, so everytime I try to do it there is the “overwriting announcement” regarding the file package.json. At the end of the day I can’t run the repl because after overwriting there are not all the files needed to run the repl. How can I solve it? How can I upload all the file needed to run the repl, if there is the main package.json and other files with the same name in several subfolders?
thank you in advance!

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Welcome to Ask! Try putting these conflicting files in subfolders. Replit needs the existing ones to run the Repl properly. Or compare the two package.json files and see what you need to add the the one in your Repl.

all the package.json are in subfolders except one that it’s the existing one, and when I tried to uploead the folder there is always the “overwriting announcement” and if I click yes, the existing one disappear.
I did the same in Visual Studio Code and there weren’t issues, so i really don’t know how to solve this situation in replit

Replit must be detecting it and trying to import it no matter what. Try adding the necessary packages to Replit’s file rather than uploading your own.