Uploading File in folder

Please add the option to upload entire file or folder

It can make easy to use app and less time consuming

There is no option to upload file in created folder for example I want to upload picture in img folder but there is no option to upload in folder. We can upload file only in main file

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Yes, I know about it(I’m not a moderator), but you can move your uploaded file by pressing three dots near your file and moving into your folder. Also you can use mv yourfile folder/yourfile in the Shell.

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You can already do this:

  1. Select the three dot menu in your Repl Files
  2. Select “Upload File” or “Upload Folder” (whichever one suits your interests)
  3. Find and select the folder (or file)
  4. Select “Open” (or something similar) or double click it
  5. It should upload to Replit. It could take a few moments depending on the size of the folder though
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In this case they were saying that they wanted to upload to a specific folder, which you cannot do for some reason.