Uploaded Folder got Deleted in a Repl

Problem description:
The uploded folder and files are removed from my repls,Also in another repl I made a json file it also got wiped out automatically;

Expected behavior:
The uploaded files should be there in my repl once uploded , and the programm should work normally

Actual behavior:
But when i run my repl , a day later all the files that i uploaded were not present there;

Steps to reproduce:
Uploaded folder problem
upload a folder to a repl (Next.js) and after a day all the folders get deleted

Json file problem
make a json file in Node.js repl , the json file will be deleted after 1 day

Bug appears at this link:
it appears in these two tempelate repls made out of Next.js tempelate
app/page.tsx - Next.js 13 (App router + Ts ) - Replit and Next.js 13 (Pages) - Replit

i use Replit website through my Edge Browser on Windows