Upgraded to Python 3.11 but no Poetry module

In replit.nix and .replit and pyproject.toml I have changed python references to 3.11 / 311.

The python --version is now 3.11.0.

Because there is no prybar 3.11 / 311, I have left all prybar references as 3.10 / 310.

However, I am coming up against a poetry error. In the shell when I attempt

upm lock

the error is

File "/home/runner/template13/venv/bin/poetry" ... ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'poetry'

Try pip install poetry.

Thanks again for your quick help. That gives an error, pip is not installed, maybe because Poetry is used instead? (I thought Poetry used Pip though.)

Poetry does use pip. Perhaps the venv is corrupted. I will make a quick fix shortly. Quick check, does pylsp work?

If I simply type in the shell


I can see multiple modules
but no pip, pyslp, flask.

I think you’re right about venv being the issue. I can see pip, pyslp, flask in the files gui


Am I not pointing at the venv correctly?

Thanks for any help, it’s much appreciated.

The venv is all the previous python version 3.10 / 310

(rather than the upgraded 3.11 / 311 thanks to help on the other question I asked earlier).

I think I haven’t set up a venv for 3.11 / 311.

I deleted all the previous venv. Created a fresh venv and now poetry, pip, upm add django appears to be working. Thank you.


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