Upgrade to NixOS 23.05

Describe your feature request

I need it for Node 20, which has been out for a year and is an LTS version with many huge improvements.

What problem(s) would this feature solve?
No Node 20 access

Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request
Typescript testing doesn’t work well in sub directories below Node 19, which is not LTS. Test runner is also unstable below 20. Also it has huge crypto improvements.

Also 22.11 comes with mongodb set to 3.4, non of the other versions work… 23.05 comes with 6.0.5. Current drivers for mongodb no longer work for versions below 3.6.


I think you can do this via the .replit file:

channel = "nixos-23.05"

It’s not that simple, Replit isn’t set up with the directories required to use the newest version of NixOS. If you try it you’ll see and error like this: nix error: building nix env: os.Readlink() channel: readlink /home/runner/.nix-defexpr/channels/nixpkgs-nixos-23.05: no such file or directory. The team will have to enable this, and I have pinged them so they will hopefully be able to respond soon. :slight_smile:



ls /home/runner/.nix-defexpr/channels

Don’t try the unstable channel … it’s rarely worth it as most thing’s you’d want take forever to build and timeout or crash before finishing.


which things? I use unstable channel on various repls without issue.
Node.js 20 still isn’t available on unstable though, until next time replit manually updates their nix store ( → all repls would load slowly at first)


23.05 isn’t an unstable channel of Nix as far as I’m aware. NodeJS 20 is available in this channel.


23.05 is not out on Replit yet. I’ll follow up here when it’s available!


nodejs_20 is now available in the unstable channel, but there packages like replitPackages.jest and nodePackages.typescript-language-server are broken because they still use nodejs 14, which is marked as insecure.


23.05 is now available.

Yes, I noticed this issue. In the 23.05 channel, I removed the replitPackages overlay and the nodePackages.typescript-language-server override.

We’re working on transitioning to a new system for delivering the packages we used to deliver through the replitPackages overlay. What are you trying to get to work? We can probably prioritize making that in the new system.


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