Update replit database package

The replit database package is severely unmaintained, currently has bugs such as creating undeletable keys and is pretty slow, so I made a pull request fixing those bugs and implementing other things like caching and keep alive connection for faster requests, and would like for it to be reviewed.


as small as the JS version is,
it’ll be as good as a framework gets.

Replit DB is a database wrapper, sure.
But it’s purpose is for you to create your OWN database API.

With all your own methods and such for your program and the needs it may require.

I’ve made my own protocol and extention for managing my API’s here!
Use it for reference or whatever!

Hey, I’ve posted this a long time ago (7 months) I’ve already made my own db wrapper which is way better, but it still doesn’t fix the bugs in the very API of the DB which I’ve also written about, with no feedback.

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I know how now though and I might spend some time locally fixing the bugs in the API (like making udeletable keys) in the future. But I don’t really see a point in that, since it would make your data incompatible with any other packages (including official tools)

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