Update - Python - Use of Interpreter

Bug description:
We have lessons in teams all using Python. When we run programs, we can no longer type commands in the console, like the interpreter. We use this for students to test single lines of code, call particular subprograms, etc.

Any ideas on a workaround?

I don’t want to use Python with Pybar. We have created many lessons off of the standard Python. I am unfamiliar as to how to convert them over easily without having to re-create everything.

Is there any way to add interpreter in on the console?

Hi @MrSilk , welcome to the forums!
You can use the Shell to run the program, or use iPython by entering python -i in the Shell.


On repl, the python -i you have produces what exactly I need. However, if I have 3 sub programs in the file, shell doesn’t load these after clicking run. So in the shell if I try to run a procedure called login( ), it doesn’t recognise it as a named subprogram within the file.

If you run python -i nameOfFile.py in the Shell, it should allow you to do that.


You should just be able to copy the contents of the .replit file in the prybar template to your existing repls to convert them to prybar (if that doesn’t work run kill 1 in Shell and try again). Regardless, you can avoid prybar entirely using the method @Firepup650 suggested.