Update .NET version (or Nix channel)

Describe your feature request
I couldn’t download the latest .NET release. It seems that it’s not on the 23.05 channel, and even the unstable is bringing the RC 2, and not the official release.

What problem(s) would this feature solve?
Update the Nix pkgs registry to use the latest .NET release.

Hi @LooserName , welcome back!
Could you try chamging the Nix version in your .replit file to 23.11? The version 23.05 is outdated. Then, type kill 1 in the repl and try to install again.

As far as I know, 23.11 is not yet supported.
Error message:

Supported: unstable, stable-21_11, stable-22_05, stable-22_11, stable-23_05

Yep, I’ve tried and got the same error, even tried manually messing on nix with no success.

Also, the unstable of replit doesn’t looks like the unstable of nix pkgs repo.