Update name and description before clicking Publish to avoid duplication

This is a nitpicky thing, but when I go to change the default name and description of a new repl, I will start to type that info into the panel…

If I decide I want to publish it as well, I will click the Publish button and it will prompt me to type in the name and description again (inefficient).

This is because the repl doesn’t save the name and title before I click the Publish, since it only saves when you click away from the panel.

I suggest that once someone has typed the name and description into the panel, clicking Publish should save that info (not current behaviour), give the user the option to change it if they want (current behaviour) and then proceed with other stuff like tags etc…

It would make the whole publish process so much smoother, rather than remembering to click off the panel then back on to publish it.


Too bad I can’t vote. I had this problem when I was first starting out with Replit and was so confused :laughing:


Right? When I was new to Replit I thought the initial name and description before clicking Publish was separate (like private to you or something) to the public name and description :joy:

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