Update latency when a new version of a language is released i.e. gforth in official Forth REPL

TL;DR; #Meta-Q

How soon after a new release of the core of a REPL will the REPLs be updated, or what do I need to do to request an update?


The current REPLIT supplied Forth REPL is has version 0.73 of gforth.
When a new version is released i.e. v1.0 how soon after release will the new version make in the Forth REPL as the version?

The current test releases that are greater than 0.73 (eg 0.79) have the new v1.0 features, and the new release will land soon(? no time given) that has a lot of new words that will be great to get hold of in a REPL, instead of my current custom hacked build on an old macOS release.