Upcoming Replit Changes : Community crisis waiting to happen

So would you say its a good idea to make backup git repositories?

I kinda thought something like this would happen.A few months age(2 Months) I saw ARC CDN on my Repl website.I didnt sign up for ARC but knew what it was.This could be a solution too if Replit wants to monetize they could do something like ARC.Not sure if this helps?

Just wanted to repost what I said here:

Yeah, I am really disappointed with this decision with the egress, and how they want us to pay more money. I feel like this doesn’t align with their actual mission statement and their core values. I am most likely going to be leaving replit, but staying with this community bc u guys are awesome, and I would never have been this deep into coding if not for you guys (I havent been on ask.replit for a while but have been with treplit for 5-6 months ish). And, frankly, even if I did have $20 a month for what used to be $7, I don’t even know if it is worth the money, because, in reality, there are still ALOT of issues with replit. Whether it be the codespace, UI, or just a toxic community (talking abt @GiggaPoggers getting shamed and whatnot) it’s not worth $20 or my time (again, except for the community). I mean, they can’t even handle a discord server for gosh sakes! It just seems like a power play and a money grab.

*source: https://ask.replit.com/t/state-of-replit

Also, I didn’t mean to post twice, and it won’t let me delete the old version. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Some important context. Deployments isn’t anything inherently bad, in fact it makes hosting more reliable, as your changes don’t instantly get pushed to production, which is what platforms like Vercel do. But the catch is free deployments and the cost of paid deployments.

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No official Replit response yet?

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I don’t think so, they are probably scrambling to come up with a statement.

What will happen to css libraries because they will no longer have a link. Will you have to copy the css into your project and the person that made the css library changes it you will have to copy it again to stay up to data?


what. I want to delink my github account now.

thanks for using me as an example I guess. I have thought about going somewhere else like 3 times cuz community bullies me alot

mhm, i have noticed that lol… idk why though

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I have asked Replit staff to respond here everybody. Lets hope its good response


@not-ethan, what are your thoughts on this? I am surprised this is your first post on the topic…

It also resets after a certain amount of time. For example, mine is automatically set to reset April 1st.


Everyone’s is reset at the same time (April 1st), presumably egress will be monthly/per month.


Before I start I have a slight bias 0.0049 GiB / 10.0000 GiB

From what people have said before React can take up a huge amount of that AND THATS A PROBLEM! You are basically limiting free users on what frameworks they can use. And not to mention how expensive it is for people that make big projects since a single one would take up a lot of them. And even with people that have small projects. If they commit to Github that could take up egress.

As for no web pages for free sites. THAT MAKES NO SENSE. Github lets you host as many static sites as you want 100% for free forever with no catches. But now you will NEED to PAY! Thats crazy. I understand if you did with huge projects (and when I say huge I mean thousands of daily visitors) and make them pay. But the smallest of sites you wont allow people to view it outside of the cover page makes no sense.


I feel the main purpose of creating sites is opening sites outside of the cover page. Because it provides unofficial domain hosting for many people.


Exactly! Thats what im trying to say. And many websites break if they are not properly optimized when being viewed. And others don’t let you view them at all (some JS or CSS is my guess)


That story sounds GPT generated. Also, I would not be surprised if you suddenly got banned from Replit. But very good.


I am not as creative as you are lol.

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