Upcoming Replit Changes : Community crisis waiting to happen

Yep, as you’ve found, a GiB is not the same as a GB. A GB is 1000^3 bytes whereas a GiB is 1024^3 bytes, but it’s also not as simple as that. Here’s a lot more info (which I found very interesting).




That’s probably Gdaybot hurting you. Maybe this will kill Replit bots.

You have hacker plan so it’s 10GiB. They will enforce it next month. Nothing has changed.

No, most of it was from code your snake, now shutdown. I’ve optimised it enough so that it should fit in hacker pro, however I’m unable to get it at the moment. For any Replit team members listening, I’d like to give up 6,000 cycles for 3 months of hacker pro, before my bank allows me to use a debit card online. DM me on the Community slack.


as i’ve said before in this ask post, it is a soft limit until April 1, however I do think they saw this ask post, and decided to state it next to the meter.


I just realized, I am in trouble if this continues, I have nowhere to host my web apps. I know vercel and have used it before, but it does not support binaries and I’ve moved to compiled languages mostly since then. Anyone have any idea on what I should do?


about egress
egress, in the words of replit, is like bandwidth. more literally, it’s the amount of data given to users when a repl is ran.

this also means some repls (backend, apps, etc.) will be restricted from being publicized on any platform, or will have to remove functionality. this is what i dread about the new egress limit. it simply stops the flow of creativity.
what i’ve truly loved about replit over these years is the ability to code and publish to others in such a simple manner! now, it’s as if i can’t do that anymore.

søren stated in the replit discord that there still is a possibility that they will turn this around, and i truly hope they do so.

about deployments
and now, deployments. in my opinion, this is the worst change of all. the changes taking place are:

  • repl.co will change to replit.app
  • replit.app will be a premium hosting experience
  • custom domains may be paid
  • users that do not choose to pay for replit.app hosting costs will be restricted to running from cover page

and i could write a whole essay on this, but here’s mainly why i’m not happy:

  • most of the links i send are under repl.co, so this change might cause problems
  • cookies don’t work in iframes (repl auth, login pages, etc. will not work)
  • the reason i’ve used replit the most over other programs is because you could have a website hosted for a low cost!

i understand that replit has many expenses and needs to pay them off, but hopefully they can at least “de-intensify” some of the changes that they plan to make.


tbh I think it’s more like the fact that it was easy to 1, 2, 3 set up a simple app and then deploy it for funsies and know that you can access it from any device you want


Not sure if this was intentional, but it looks like pushing commits to GitHub counts towards your egress.


I noticed that I’ve hosted a chat and I’ve tested it multiple times but I didn’t see the egress bar move.

What exactly is egress limiting on?

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we can’t know for sure, as this has not been officially announced or explained by anyone of the replit team. my best guess would be that it updates in intervals of time, but i’m not very certain.

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Well, I am happy I am on a monthly plan. If this is enforced and affects me I just quit and move on.


And my trending repls capped because one had a video file being requested like 30k times

how can you see the egress

Go on on your account (https://replit.com/account) and scroll.


I agree. The past month or so Replit seems to have flipped a switch. No more “let’s bring the next billion developers online”, it’s now “let’s make the next billion off of developers”.

Wont be surprised if SunnyV2 makes a video on this “The money tornado downfall of Replit”


So how much will they charge for server deployment? Any clue?

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Wait Can someone please explain this in a much simpler form?The only thing I got was that peole might leave replit and everything is getting monetized?

Replit might make it so hosting (.repl.co) domains will cost cycles per month, and you may only run websites in cover page for free. More storage limits per month too (view pm your account).