Upcoming Replit Changes : Community crisis waiting to happen

Just wanted to repost what I said here:

Yeah, I am really disappointed with this decision with the egress, and how they want us to pay more money. I feel like this doesn’t align with their actual mission statement and their core values. I am most likely going to be leaving replit, but staying with this community bc u guys are awesome, and I would never have been this deep into coding if not for you guys (I havent been on ask.replit for a while but have been with treplit for 5-6 months ish). And, frankly, even if I did have $20 a month for what used to be $7, I don’t even know if it is worth the money, because, in reality, there are still ALOT of issues with replit. Whether it be the codespace, UI, or just a toxic community (talking abt @GiggaPoggers getting shamed and whatnot) it’s not worth $20 or my time (again, except for the community). I mean, they can’t even handle a discord server for gosh sakes! It just seems like a power play and a money grab.

*source: https://ask.replit.com/t/state-of-replit