Unusual Replit Behavior: Stuck Instance, Unresponsive 'Stop' Button

Problem description:
There’s something fishy happening. The system insists that one of my private Repl.it instances is still running, even though I stopped working on it a whopping 17 hours ago. I haven’t opened it since then, and it’s not set to be “always on” in Replit. Strangely enough, when I click “stop” on Replit, nothing seems to happen. To add to the confusion, the Repl.it logs assert that it never went to sleep during these 17 hours. This is real lose your hair mode activated situation. :person_bald:

I’m clueless :confused: whether this is simply a UI bug or if my Replit is stubbornly stuck in perpetual running mode, despite not being set to “always on” in Replit.

Expected behavior:
Typically, when you stop working and close the development IDE, Replit shuts down within 30 seconds if it is not always on replit.

Actual behavior:
Something fishy happening. :alien:

Steps to reproduce:
Normal use of replit working on code. This has never happened before but I wont monitor regularily if replits I use actually shut down or not when I stop working on them.

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Okay you sure it is private.
And something fishy is going on ???

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What type of repl is it? Is it a website?


Ok seem to work now… No more forever running replits or if it was just UI bug now UI status of replits updates again properly.

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