Unpublish button is not working, nor is repl status changing. Confirmation message is erroneous

Problem description:
Unpublish button not working

Expected behavior:
Should’ve refreshed to give a publish button. Also on my repls list page, published vector remains highlighted.

Actual behavior:
Remains as is, inspite of flash message confirming unpublished for community.

Steps to reproduce:
Open Cover page → 3 dot menu → unpublish → repeat -->[Keeps Offering Unpublish]

Bug appears at this link:

mac m1, chrome

Seems because it is published as an app. And apps are broken, so this will never be possible.

Source: ImpossibleStyx @ Discord

Hi @engagepy I have the ability to unpublish the repl from the community page, so have done this for you. You can - if you want to - republish the repl.

Hope this helps! I’ve left the bug report open though as you should be able to do this yourself.

This is super helpful Ian, thank you !

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