Unlinking a domain in the New Replit

Hey everyone, I’m the Lead Developer for Bonfires Chat, and we’re in the process of migrating away from Replit. Despite removing DNS records from Cloudflare, Replit still seems to be in control of our domain. The problem is, the old domains button is nowhere to be found, so we can’t hit the unlink button. Any chance someone could offer some support or guidance?

Hey @CarsonD-github!

To attach/change a domain you first need to deploy your Repl. If it is a Static website (no backend) you can host it for free with a Credit Card. If it is a website with a backend (Flask, Node, etc.) you can use Autoscale deployments. If it is a bot (Discord, Telegram, etc.) you can use a Reserved VM. Because of recent changes hosting you have to use deployments to add domains, sorry if it is an inconvenience but Replit is not planning on changing this. For Deployments they only need to be payed monthly and for usage, so you could host it and turn it off after you change/remove the domain.

I am using NodeJS, but I do not want to attach a credit card. I am simply trying to REMOVE a domain. Should I contact Replit support?

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@CarsonD-github you could try to contact support but they might tell you what I said/send you here. Sorry, like I said before I think you would have to deploy. I don’t know why they made it where you have to deploy (probably because previous hosting was not profitable and they thought most people would want to host and link a domain), but it is what it is.

To be honest, I think Replit has just become a money grab…

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Seemingly even that doesn’t work. But then there should have been more users reporting an issue. Or maybe most people unlinked their domains before the changes happened.


I don’t know for sure but I checked DNS records for bonfires.chat and I still see

(txt record for replit)

so you probably should remove that, make sure that there are no more records related to replit, and see if that helps @CarsonD-github

Deploying a Repl would not only involve a credit card (tedious when they’re trying to move away from Replit, not onto it. And anyway, this would be to attach a domain; I don’t suspect their domain would just show back up when they deploy because that just doesn’t make logical sense.

You should just be able to completely remove the old records Replit gave you @CarsonD-github, and it will have to delink because the records won’t be there anymore.