Unit Tests results not showing in the Tests tab

Problem description:
Not sure if this is a bug or now expected behavior with the more recent UI changes. If it’s expected behavior, it’s a very unintuitive change that has seriously blocked our learners and would love to see this feature changed back.

Unit Tests used to turn red or green after you run them, now they do not display any information about the results within the Tests tab. Our teaching team has found where the results are output (in the Console), but there’s no automatic redirect to see those results, and if that tab isn’t already open, a student is definitely not going to find it on their own.

Expected behavior:
Each individual test used to turn either green/red for pass/fail, which made the results very obvious. If the new UI changes are intended to have taken away that feature and want learners to only view things in the console, you should be re-directed to the console after tests finish running (or at least have a message pointing them to there).

Actual behavior:
Student clicks on “Run tests” button and it changes to “Running tests…”. Once done it just goes back to the original “Run tests” state with no results displayed. Results do show up in the Console, but there’s no indicator of that, so most students just think the Unit Test feature is broken.

Steps to reproduce:
Open Tests tab and run tests.

Bug appears at this link:

Chrome / MacOS

Hey @codetl!

Can you please send me a screenshot or a loom.com video of the issue so I can better understand what you see on your end? Also, if you include the link to the Repl that the issue occurs in, that would help as well!

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