Unit test text failure

Problem description:
Unit test code color is not entirely corrrect

Expected behavior:
When setting unit test code, it should display according to the selected theme

Actual behavior:
Displays white text.

Steps to reproduce:
Go to a repl and open it. Then, scroll down to the bottom of tools and click on unit tests. Click on add test or setup; it doesn’t matter. The bug should now be visible.

macOS, Chrome

Other notes
I know people hardly use unit tests, and while this is quite minor, It should be a quick fix and help replit look more polished. :blush:

Hey @LeonGo welcome to the forums!

Can you provide a picture of the bug? Is it only happening on one Repl? If so can you provide a link to your Repl?

Hi SalladShooter,

I tested this is a few Node.js repls, and got the same result. Here is a screenshot:

@LeonGo what exactly is the problem? It looks fine to me.

The problem is that there is no syntax highlighting.

Hey @LeonGo!

Thank you for reporting this. I was able to reproduce and have sent this to the team. I will follow up once I have an update.

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