Unique IP Address under Replit Core

Hello, I would like to ask if there’s a feature for unique IP addresses using Replit Core tier?

If so, how can I use it?



I’m also looking for the option of configuring one unique IP address instead of opening a wide range of IPs in my firewall for allowing my Replit python app to connect to my API.



Welcome to the forums, @maorhizkyahu and @kochav!
Replit currently does not support that, but it sounds like a cool feature request!

Hello Austin,

It is a vital feature from security point of view because this is the only way to deny multiple attacks on my API from any address in the internet.
Can you check it and let us know if and when you can support this?


Hey @kochav!

The majority of Ask is not Replit Staff, and we can’t change Replit. We can only provide help and feedback here on Ask, and let Replit Staff do the rest.

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