Uninstalling and then reinstalling a package will give an error

Edit: This might only happen with the Replit Package

Problem description:
Sometimes when you uninstall and then reinstall a package it will give an error.

Expected behavior:
That you can uninstall a package then reinstall it without an error

Actual behavior:
It gives an error.

Steps to reproduce:
Add a package to your project.
Uninstall it.
Reinstall it.

Bug appears at this link:
Here is a video link:

Chrome/Chrome OS

I am unable to repro this with FF dev edition 109.0b6 Windows 11. Mabey something with the specific package

Quick Question GoodVessel. You use a Chromebook?

Yes. It is a school one and the screen does not work so I can only use it with an external display.

poetry isn’t tracking itself in the venv, so it thinks it’s fine to uninstall its own dependencies. If poetry is installed via nix, this would be avoided. To fix, run in shell:

pip install poetry