Unindent amount does not match previous indentPylance python in line .

print("Welcome to Treasure Island.\nYour mission is to find the Treasure. ")
choice_1=input('You are at a cross road. Where do you want to go? Type "left" or "right"')
if choice_1=="left":
  choice_2=input('You have come to a lake. There is an island in the middle of the lake. Type "wait" to wait for a boat. Type "swim" to swim across')
  if choice_2=="wait":
     choice_3=input('You arrive at the island unharmed. There is a house with 3 doors. One "red", one "yellow and one "blue". Which color do you choose? ')
    if choice_3== "red":
       print("It's a room full of fire. Game Over.")
    elif choice_3=="yellow":
      print("You found the treasure! You Win!")
    elif choice_3=="blue":
      print("You enter a room of beasts. Game Over.")
      print("You chose a door that doesn't exist. game over.")
    print("You get attacked by an angry trout. Game Over.")
   print("You fell into a hole. Game Over.")

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You can press 2 spaces or 1 TAB key for 1 indentation level. This is the default settings.
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line 6 has an extra space at the start which you must remove to align it with the rest of the if choice_2…block