Unicode click-and-paste extension

Describe your Extension idea
On a computer we are limited to the characters on our keyboard (or an emoji list for those who are keyboard-shortcut-savvy).
An extension for instant click-and-paste of unicode characters would be a great feature to add in my opinion.

It would have simple functionality:

  • Some sort of search to narrow down one’s search for a specific character, GhostWriter or some AI system could be involved in finding the character
  • Once you find the character, you can press it, and have it instantly pasted where the cursor is
  • Emojis and other unicode characters would be supported. Control characters and characters that may not display well on different devices, e.g. things like NUL, BEL, BS, etc, would not be in this extension

What problem(s) would this Extension solve?
It would allow us instant access to characters that we’d otherwise have to search up on the web or externally

Will add that on my todo list


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