Unfinished Side Projects

So, lots of people probably have several unfinished projects, still creating new ones in the process. Showcase your unfinished side projects that you may or may not be working on, and maybe someone will see if they could help finish it with you!

This is a place where we take away the “un” in unfinished :3

For example, here’s a big one I’m working on.


Aesthetic is really important in for me in this one, as well as having a really well refined combat system for fighting based on the UI for it. (the game is played using in-game commands)

So go share your unfinished projects and get the help and motivation to finish it!


A while ago I started a cool project, Katza! Multiplayer team survival game
It was pretty cool, but they where too much bugs and I gave it up…

I have so many lol

Seems pretty cool

For me it’s not my side projects, I’m the one to finish the side projects and not finish the main ones. (I’m looking at you Yeehaw)

I’ve had this one for a while there’s not much I need to do to finish it but I keep getting distracted

Yeehaw never got anywhere, because I couldn’t figure out how to get the movement and interaction system working the way I wanted it to. I have key capturing and processing working, I just don’t know how to perform character movement.