Unfair bounty review

So recently I’ve had my first experience with a poor bounty poster. I finished my submission and submitted it 2 days after my application was accepted and attempted to reach out about any changes the poster may want. I got no response within a week and was suspicious of the poster so I then attempted to reach out and politely say if I got no response I would have to contact support to get this sorted out (I still have these emails). It took a couple of days but the poster reacted to this quite negatively, I believe they were likely upset, and ultimately said they would get to it when I get to it which I understood and was okay with. It then took the poster over another week to actually accept my submission, with no communication whatsoever (and I attempted to ask to confirm which I never got a response to). Then a few days after accepting my submission the bounty poster gives me a 1 star review (1/5 for everything).

I feel like this review is completely unfair and unwarranted, and I suspect this review was made out of whatever misguided anger this poster has towards me as some way of ‘getting back at me’. Can I get this review, at least looked into?


Yes. On the discussion tab press Get help and select the correct option and explain. And watch your email for updates/follow up


None of the default options really fit well with my issue, other works, but maybe this should become its own options, like (unfair review)


True. You can make a feature request for it


That was rude
As far as I have seen your repl you deserve a 5 star rating (5/5)

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